After being locked away for centuries, the creatures that once walked the earth have escaped Cambridge Super Jail. The creatures (werewolves, vampires, fairies, witches and angels) will face many struggles on their return to the world they had only dreamed about, a world that has forgotten their existence. It isn’t long before the creatures find themselves in a run down ghost town know to all as Alcatraz. What many don’t know is that amongst the escaped creatures are humans who had been held at Cambridge as well. Some will rise to power over the rest, some will follow but for some, their escape will be short lived. And yes, there will be blood.

✦This roleplay is officially open and accepting apps.✦

Mark Cambell✦ 28 ✦ Human ✦Murder✦ FC: Kit Harington✦Taken

How he/she was captured or Imprisoned :

At the age of 18, Mark’s father showed up in a drunken state and started hitting the youngest brother almost killing the boy. In order to protect him, Mark got between them and fought off his father as best as he could. Mark pulled out a knife, stabbing his father ten times and ended up killing him. The cops were called and Mark was arrested, taken to jail and stayed there for ten years before escaping.


Mark grew up as the oldest of seven children (all boys). His father was never around so he had to raise his brothers since his mother died when he was thirteen years old. Had a tough life, grew up poor and sometimes had to steal money for food in order to survive.


 Bookworm, street racer. Likes: Reading, cars, when people call him a genius, action movies. Shy, smart, likes to keep to himself, protective. Dislikes: Liars/Dishonest people, his father.

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