After being locked away for centuries, the creatures that once walked the earth have escaped Cambridge Super Jail. The creatures (werewolves, vampires, fairies, witches and angels) will face many struggles on their return to the world they had only dreamed about, a world that has forgotten their existence. It isn’t long before the creatures find themselves in a run down ghost town know to all as Alcatraz. What many don’t know is that amongst the escaped creatures are humans who had been held at Cambridge as well. Some will rise to power over the rest, some will follow but for some, their escape will be short lived. And yes, there will be blood.

✦This roleplay is officially open and accepting apps.✦

Olivia Rayn ✦ 19 ✦ Succubus ✦ Invisibility ✦ FC: Emily Browning ✦ Open

How she was captured:
Being orphaned and driven only by her temptations, Olivia never heard of the hunters. It was much to her surprise then, when Olivia was trapped by a young hunter boy who she had attempted to seduce late one night. Olivia was confused and afraid and tried to turn invisible, but the hunters used their own tricks to make sure that was not possible. It was something Olivia had never seen before and was definitely not prepared for. After all, she had been human most of her life and was only just beginning her life as a creature. At Cambridge, Olivia was shocked to learn about the many creatures that existed although she already knew of witches. She used her invisibility most of the time, staying hidden from the other creatures and because of this she knows more about the creatures in Cambridge than they realize.

Olivia was orphaned at a very young age and sent away to a witch family. At this time, Olivia was human. It wasn’t until she was 14 that Olivia’s adoptive father cheated on her adoptive mother and her mother, Idris, began to loathe men in a very unhealthy way. Idris turned her husband to stone with her own abilities to do so and cast a wicked curse on Olivia, the curse that turned her into a succubus. Three years later, Olivia was orphaned once again when her adoptive mother Idris fell ill. She began traveling the East Coast letting her temptations to kill drive her into the deepest depression she had ever felt.

Many tend to stay away from Olivia, as she is not exactly the most friendly person to be around. It’s not that Olivia is mean, but she is very dark and not many people can get past that. Olivia hardly finds humor in anything, unless it is dark or sarcastic humor, even then, she probably wouldn’t laugh. Her condition has made her this way, sucking the lives out of every man she kisses; it has caused her to become depressed. Olivia often uses her ability of invisibility to make connections to people who otherwise ignore her. Her favorite thing to do is watch people live their lives normally. Although she hates it, Olivia can’t help but fall into her succubus temptations from time to time.

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