After being locked away for centuries, the creatures that once walked the earth have escaped Cambridge Super Jail. The creatures (werewolves, vampires, fairies, witches and angels) will face many struggles on their return to the world they had only dreamed about, a world that has forgotten their existence. It isn’t long before the creatures find themselves in a run down ghost town know to all as Alcatraz. What many don’t know is that amongst the escaped creatures are humans who had been held at Cambridge as well. Some will rise to power over the rest, some will follow but for some, their escape will be short lived. And yes, there will be blood.

✦This roleplay is officially open and accepting apps.✦
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We are reviewing them & will make decisions on Friday.

If you wish to apply, please do so before Friday or your app will be reviewed on Tuesday.

Thank you.

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Please read this if you are - or are applying to be - a vampire in this roleplay. Thank you.

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Anonymous: Are you guys going to close the rp or are you going to hand it over to new management and re-open it? 

We will not be closing.

We are actually revamping (new theme, character, plot and graphics).

It may take awhile but once that’s done we are going to promote. However, we are staying open while we do this as people are still roleplaying & we would hate to close it.

-Admin Brooke

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Characters at Risk:

If your character is listed bellow, this means it is on our list to be removed from the rp in an hour. If we made a mistake please message us, or if you would like to keep this character please post within the hour!

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Inactivity sweep will be happening in an hour!

Just like we warned everyone a few days ago, we are doing an inactivity sweep to clean our roleplay and open roles for others. If you have multiple characters you must be active on ALL the accounts in a 2 week time period or the role will be reopened! So post now before I post the unfollows.


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Hey guys! Thanks for sticking around while we’ve been absent! 

I know us admins have been really busy lately and personally, I have a little monkey (not literally, I have a crawling baby who’s almost a toddler D:) that has been taking up more and more of my attention every day. Plus with teething sleep is not going well. ALSO, I haven’t had a computer for almost a year. But I’m going to make an effort to be on a lot more and see if I can borrow my sister’s laptop more often as well. 

We are planning a task that we will post soon and will be sweeping for an inactive characters. (That includes second characters). So please go on them if you haven’t in the last two weeks or an unfollow will be posted. We will also be doing some revamps and promos so yay, new people! Hope to post some bios too. And please please please make an effort to talk with more than one or two people. Respond to people (look through the alcatrazstarter tag) & post your own open starters! We will be sending messages about it if we see you aren’t as it isn’t fair for the people who feel left out. 

Please LIKE this post if you have read it!

Thank you!

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“Lately I’ve been craving more…”

➫ Background: Corrine was one of the original Angels of the Lord. She was responsible for carrying souls over to their next lives. Although her job was important, Corrine always wanted something more out of her life. She wanted to be human and experience the things here subjects did, even those not worthy of Heaven. Corrine has never been to Earth until the day she fell from grace. Corrine had always questioned the ways of her brothers and sisters and for that, she was seen as a rebel. Her curiosity had always been her biggest downfall.

➫ Personality: Corrine can be socially awkward at times as she usually cannot pick up on social queues. She is unaware of when she hurts someone’s feelings and may come off as rude unintentionally. She is very direct with what she wants although she often hides what she is truly feeling in fear of being judged. Her curiosity for human life is ultimately what led to her fall.

➫ How she came to Alcatraz: After years of questioning her brothers and sisters, and even her father, finally her rebellious side was too much for those in Heaven. Her curiosity and her double sided questions got her banished from Heaven. Yet, she isn’t too upset about it. Corrine had always dreamed of living a human life.

➫ Secret: Corrine never wished to be an angel. She would often daydream about being human and now that she has fallen, she plans on living a normal life - if she can figure out what that is.

➫ Relationships:

Open | Taken | Reserved

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